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POWERS ON. NOT TESTED. SELL AS IS. NO RETURNS. A used Betacam SP portable recorder/player with built-in Time Base Corrector.The CVR-50 may be operated as a standalone Recorder/Player/Feed Machine or when interfaced with a 26-Pin cable to a camera system as a field recorder. This unit was just serviced and is in excellent working condition. This is the Ampex CVR-50 same as the Sony BVW 50. Picture may vary. Features: High Video/Audio Quality Low Power Consumption Front Loading System Audio/Video Confidence Playback Player VTR Capability via Sony 9-Pin Remote Control Interface Built-In Time Code Generator/Reader Component and Composite Input/Output Character Generator Phantom Power Supply Large LCD Display Call 949/646-6802 for more details.
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JVC BR-DV3000U Professional DV Recorder

The JVC BR-DV3000U(B) allows you to switch between NTSC or PAL as required, so it is easy to work with internationally sourced material and transfer it to a non-linear system for editing. You can also record to Standard or Mini DV tape in either NTSC or PAL formats, though this DV recorder cannot be used as an NTSC/PAL converter. DVCAM recordings can also be played back directly on the BR-DV3000U(B), making it easy to use DVCAM recordings as source material for editing.
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Panasonic S-VHS Video Recorder MD 830

This Panasonic Video Cassette Recorder Model MD830 is in good working condition. It is designed to meet increasing need for high quality video and audio recording/playback in the field of medicine. The Panasonic AG-MD830 is a S-VHS Hi-Fi Video Cassette Recorder.
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Rack Mount Winsted Console

3 bays Winsted Rack Mount Console It is not real product picture.
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Rimage Everest II CD/DVD Thermal Printer CDPR21

Rimage Everest II CD/DVD Thermal Printer CDPR21 Good working condition.
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Sony DA-1400 Audio/Video Distribution Amplifier

Video and audio distribution amplifier with 14 channel outputs. Capable of switching from 2 inputs A/B to 2 lines of 7 outputs. Loop through out connectors level control for output signal level meter for output signal audio input level selector: (-10dB/-6dB).
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Sony DSR-60 DVCAM Player

Not working. Error 022. This DVCAM editing player is compatible with conventional analog equipment and is an excellent choice for video professional transitions from analog to digital formats. The DSR60 features built-in TBC, RS-422A interface and TC reader, which conforms to the SMPTE standard for editing. The DSR60 accepts dual cassettes (standard/mini) and features playback of up to three hours. In addition, it has DV playback compatibility, jog audio and digital slow functions. Features: DVCAM and DV Format Playback Dual Cassette Mechanism Analog Outputs Built-in Time Code Reader Built-in Time Base Correction High Speed Picture Search Jog Audio Digital Slow Function Auto Repeat
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SONY DVW-A500 Analog/Digital Betacam Editing Video

Item in good working condition. FULLY TESTED! Minor scratches and dents on case. 34,441 drum hours, 28,219 tape hours, 55,459 threading count.
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Sony RM-440 Editing Controller Unit

The RM-440 is a small size, light weight micro processor based unit, which is programmed to perform many kinds of automatic functions. When tape to tape editing using two machines such as the SLO-383 Videocassette Recorder, the maximum ability of the RM-440 will be realized.
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Sony SVCC 960 Cassette Changer / Loader for SVO De

Sony SVCC 960 Cassette Changer. It is automatic VHS cassettes loader for SVO-960/965 Decks.
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Sony UVW-1800 Betacam SP Recorder

The UVW-1800 is a Beta SP edit deck that has been a workhorse in professional edit suites for about a decade. It plays and records small and large cassettes and of course takes in and spits out analog component video. Component video is what made the Beta SP format so endearing to news shooters, higher end industrial producers, and documentary filmmakers. Component analog video remains a great source of multigenerational integrity when the signals are put through the wringer in the (linear) editing process. The picture continues to look great (and like the original) generation after generation without the need to digitize. The UVW-1800 is almost a classic, indeed a required element in any comprehensive video studio set-up.
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Stantron - 19" Racks for Broadcast and Data

Zero Stantron - Heavy-Duty Slide Out Rolling Shelving System. 19" Racks for Broadcast and Data cabinets with 7 sliding shelves. 72" hight. Excellent condition.
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Winsted Control Room Console on Wheels

Winsted Control Room Console on Wheels with sliding shelf. Good condition. with sliding shelf. Size:48"W, 29"D, 36"H We have a similar larger Winsted console for sale Size:72"W, 29"D, 36"H
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